The world has never really made a lot of sense to me. And, I’m just trying to exist in society. I got off the electrical power grid. Now i’m cutting down on bills, and taxes; luxuries & unnecessary spending. I’m cutting back on waste, and focusing on health, and art. This has led me to officially start Earthguest; all of my passions combined. Technically a small business. However, this is just me trying to spend my time the best ways that i can.


This is also a straight up mission to avoid taxes legitimately.

More money more taxes? I don’t want much money then.
Funny business plan, I know. But, here we are.
Welcome to our silly little big wide world.

Mobile Music Studio

Headquarters settled on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.
We’ve spent the last 12 years building a music studio, and have finally made it mobile. We’re here to help solo artists record their songs at a reasonable price, or even work trade. Maybe I produce your song, and you do some guitar work for me. Maybe you have a bag of vegetables, 15 dollars, and a song you want recorded. We can probably figure something out. We both benefit from productions, and each others promotions.

Worktrade & Oddjobs / Services

Winter work
-Firewood chopping
-Snow removal
We like to chop wood & move snow for hot meals, and fuel.

Modernizing recreational vehicle 12v systems
-save energy/fuel/money
-neighborly help, no jacked up RV shop prices.
-Lawn out of order?
-Wasp nests
-Hole Digging
We’re not afraid to get dirty.

Web Design
-Domain registration without a credit card
-Basic hosting with WordPress installed
-Web site production / maintenance / advice

Payment methods

We strive to be fair, and always with honour.

Often worktrade is preferred. In the effort to keep taxes, and spending to a minimum on both sides. However, we do still need money.

accepting payment in food, fuel, tech, tools, building supplies. Maybe it’s a night of 110v power access, and/or a peaceful place to park for a bit.  We’re open to offers, and motivated to benefit both sides equally. Let’s think outside the box here. I’m not in this to get an advantage, I’m just trying to exist in modern times.